Great Leadership

All of our commanders have been trained & have yearly background checks. Our Outpost Coordinator JW Church is also the Tennessee Valley Sectional Commander & is trained to be a commander along with being certified to train other commanders. The rest of the team has been trained & has a passion for this ministry, meaning that all Commanders are invested in leading young boys to be the best young men possible.

Camping Events

Rangers is a Bible-based program that teaches boys of all ages. One way we do this is by taking the boys on camping trips to learn how to enjoy the outdoors. The camping trips are made with other outposts in a safe environment where boys can have a great time learning outdoor skills & faith lessons.

Master Commander JW Church

Royal Ranger Divisions

Royal Ranger Kids

To get started we have the kids start in Ranger Kids.  Now these guys can only camp if their father goes with them but they can have a great time every Wednesday night learning what it means to be a Ranger.

Discovery Kids

This is when Rangers really gets involved in learning outdoors & lessons about faith.  The boys begin to do things on their own, & are able to go to all the camping events.  They earn badges & have a great time learning & growing.

Adventure Rangers

This is for the younger boys that are in SDC youth & so they meet every Sunday evening.  They can continue to work on earning badges & also go to all camping events.  This group also helps with the younger groups.

Expedition Rangers

This is for the older boys that are in SDC youth.  They work on advanced merits & their Bible studies are designed to encourage the boys to develop in the young Christian men the church needs!  The boys also go to Action Camps to challenge their outdoor skills.

Ranger Meetings

Royal Rangers meet on Sunday nights from 5-6:30 pm.  Each week, we start with an opening ceremony during which the boys are learning to pray for each other’s needs.  All of the age group will work on merits, they will play games, and ALL of them will be involved in Bible study.  Parents are always welcome to join us for meetings, and Dads are always welcome on campouts.

So come join us this week & let the fun begin!